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Health Physics & Radiation Safety Services 

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Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (SAHCI) has specialized in providing radiation safety support services for over 40 years.  We respond to your needs at all times to ensure that your radioactive material program is in compliance with all applicable regulations.  

Whenever you use our services on an on-going or on a special project basis, you can be assured that all of us, from office to lab to health physics consultants have a high level of experience in all facets of radioactive material use and hold advanced degrees in health physics and related fields.  

We serve a wide variety of radioactive materials users, from hospitals to universities to research laboratories to manufacturing and industrial facilities.  Our services range from leak testing, instrument calibrations, radiation safety compliance programs, training seminars and continuing education lectures, industrial inventory programs to decontamination and decommissioning projects of all sizes.  Some of our clients have worked with us for over 30 years; and although there have been personnel changes in that time, we have always provided the highest and up-to-date service possible.  

We thank our current and past clients and look forward to the opportunity of serving you.  
  • Nuclear Gauge Removal, Relocation and Installation
  • Nuclear Gauge Disposal Consulting
  • Nuclear Gauge Packaging and Shipping
  • 8-Hour Authorized User Training
  • Radiation Gauge Training and Seminars
  • Nuclear Gauge and X-Ray Inventory and Compliance Programs
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response to Nuclear Gauge Incidents
  • Nuclear Gauge Leak Testing
  • Calibration of Nuclear Detection Instruments
  • Temporary Radiation Safety Officer Services

  • Radioactive Gauge Training
  • 8-Hour Authorized User Training
  • A Seminar on Radiation Safety and Management
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training
  • Employee Continuing Education
  • DOT Training and Certification

  • Flexible and Customer-Oriented Consulting 
  • Facility Planning Services  
  • Radioactive Materials Licensing (NRC and Agreement States)
  • Radiation Safety Committee Reporting
  • Radiation Safety Record Systems Review and Maintenance
  • Department and Ancillary Employee Radiation Safety Training
  • Nuclear Detection Instrument Calibrations - Performed at Your Facility
  • Radiation Leak Testing
  • Airflow Measurement for Use of Radioactive Gases
  • Instrument Quality Control Checks and Maintenance
  • Radioactive Waste Handling Consulting
  • NORM Waste Handling Consulting
  • PET Facility Consulting and Audit Services

  • Radioactive Decontamination
  • Site Characterization and Risk Analysis
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response to Contamination Incidents
  • Facility Close-out and Relocation of Radioactive Materials
  • Contamination Surveys

  • Temporary RSO Services for Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Temporary RSO Services for Nuclear Gauge Licensees
  • Temporary RSO Services for Industrial and Laboratory Licensees

  • NRC and Agreement State License Audits
  • NRC and Agreement State License Applications (Initial and Renewal) Prepared

Radiation Safety Services for Industry and Medicine