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  • Seminar on Radiation Safety and Management
  • Employee Continuing Education
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training
  • Radioactive Gauge Training
Training and Course Development
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. has developed and presented a variety of training seminars to aid management in the tasks of implementing its radiation safety program.  We schedule our seminars throughout the year at our facility in New Lenox, Illinois.  They are continually updated to keep pace with regulatory changes and developments in the field.  

SAHCI has developed customized one to five day training for client-specific needs, at industrial locations throughout the U.S. and internationally. They include steel mills, oil companies, universities, irradiator facilities and pharmaceutical firms.  

Training is always tailored to each customer's requirements.  Prior to the start of the training, we will coordinate all details with a person you designate at your facility.  We determine the length of the training session needed based on your type of industry and any special circumstances that may apply  (new personnel or continuing education needs) and regulatory and license requirements. Sessions can be from 1-1/2 hours (e.g. continuing education for ancillary workers), to 8-Hour Authorized User training to five day Radiation Safety Officer training.

We provide handouts and manuals, question and answer sessions, testing and certificates depending on the depth and length of training.  We combine lecture and power point presentations with hands-on sessions (e.g. survey meter training) or gauge instructions at your facility.
Radiation Safety & Management Seminar
  • NRC and Agreement State Regulations
  • Licensing of Radioactive Materials
  • Record Systems
  • DOT Regulations & Certifications
  • Inspections
  • Emergency Response
  • Continuing Education
  • Personnel Monitoring
  • Instrument Calibrations
  • Physics and Math Review
  • Radiation Safety Programs
  • Personnel Training
  • NORM Training

Registration and Accreditation Information

You may register by telephone at 1-800-383-0468 or email the completed Course Registration form to us at [email protected].

Registration is available up to 5 days prior to the seminar starting date. You may cancel up to 7 days before the seminar and your registration fee will be refunded less a $90 handling charge. If you must cancel less than seven days prior to the seminar, you may send a substitute from your company, or transfer your registration to another seminar date. No refunds will be given for cancellations received the day the course begins or later.  

Seminars held at the SAHCI facility in New Lenox, Illinois are limited to ten (10) attendees per seminar.  This allows for more one-on-one interactive sessions geared to each individual student and more detailed hands-on learning.  (Please bring a copy of your radioactive materials license and radioactive materials inventory.)

Seminars can also be held at your facility at any time, specifically geared to your radioactive materials operations and license.  Please call us for more information.  In addition to our "regular" seminars, we can provide 4 and 8 hour radiation worker training, 8 and 16 hour gauge user and Radiation Safety Officer training, DOT training (10CFR49), etc.

Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. reserves the right to cancel courses if there is an insufficient enrollment (registrants would receive a full refund).

When we receive your registration, we will send you an acknowledgment letter with details about travel information, meeting room locations, etc.  

Your registration fee includes:  Continental breakfasts, Break refreshments, Comprehensive Radiation Safety Manual and Record Systems, Radiation Training Materials, and individual license sessions (if requested).

Seminar Schedule:
  • Sign-in and Registration 8:00 AM
  • Continental Breakfast 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Lectures 8:30 AM - 12:00 and 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Lunch 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM
  • Questions & Answer Sessions 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

This seminar is approved for Continuing Education Credits by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, IEMA Division of Nuclear Safety, and Board of Certified Safety Professionals.  The seminar meets the IEMA Division of Nuclear Safety requirements for Radiation Safety Officer Training for Fixed Gauge Users.​

Hotel Reservations
When making reservations for all seminars held at the Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. Office in New Lenox, Illinois, we will provide you with a listing of local hotels and motels in the area and our recommendations.   Recommended Hotels/Motels

Who Should Attend - Radioactive Material Users, Gauge Users, Radiation Safety and Industrial Hygiene Personnel, Regulatory Affairs Managers, Plant Managers, Lab Supervisors, Well Loggers, Emergency Response Teams, and all personnel who need a basic knowledge of Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Agreement State requirements, and how to administer a program in compliance with those requirements.  
Management Needs to Know ... Use of radioactive materials, gauges, and sources is subject to ever increasing government regulations.  The efficient manager knows and controls the use of radioactive materials and has an effective radiation safety program.  Management has to deal with NRC and State Health Department inspections, employee concerns about radiation, and a flood of regulations and regulatory notices.  The seminar will prepare management to handle this difficult and time-consuming task.  
Personnel Working With or Around Radioactive Materials and Gauges Need to Know ...  Workers trained in effective radiation safety practices and efficient record systems can implement the radiation safety program and will give management the assurance that all uses of radioactive materials are in compliance with regulations and license conditions.  This seminar will offer current and new employees a way to develop such a program. 
Seminar Outline

Types of Radiation
This section introduces the attendee to the basics of radiation and its use in industry and medicine. Terminology and definitions are discussed, as well as the basic concepts used for radiation protection. The session includes a math review and participants will perform calculations necessary for quality control and radiation protection.
Radiation Biology
This session discusses the biological effects and theories of radiation exposure, as well as prenatal exposure. NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13 (prenatal exposure) will also be reviewed.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Agreement State Regulations
This session presents detailed review of 10 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 19, “Instructions to Workers”, and Part 20, “Standards for Protection Against Radiation.” Agreement State regulations will be covered depending on states represented or discussed during individual sessions with attendees.  
Licensing of Radioactive Materials and License Conditions
This session discusses radioactive materials licenses in NRC and Agreement States. It includes the types of licenses, license conditions, components of a license, and the preparation of renewal and amendment applications. Individual licenses can be reviewed and specific problems addressed during the Licensing Review Session.
Radiation Safety Programs
This session evaluates a radiation safety program through the use of a checklist format with emphasis on the responsibilities of management and the Radiation Safety Officer. NRC Regulatory Guide 8.13 will also be reviewed.  
Sample Forms & Postings
The postings required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or Agreement State regulations are reviewed. Sample forms and procedures for receipt and accountability of radioactive materials are included for reference and use.
DOT Regulations and Transportation of Gauges and Sources
The purpose of this section is to familiarize the participant with specific sections of 49 Code of Federal Regulations as they relate to transportation of radioactive sources. This includes instructions in the proper packaging, labeling, manifesting, and shipping of radioactive sources. Also includes latest regulatory changes for shipping radioactive materials.
Radiation Detection Instruments
Participants are introduced to different types of radiation detection instruments and personnel monitoring devices. The session includes operating procedures, equipment demonstrations and hand-on operation.
Inspection Preparedness 
This session will offer recommendations to prepare for regulatory inspections and implement corrective actions. We will also discuss regulations and civil penalties through the use of case studies and regulation reviews.  
Termination of Radioactive Material Programs
This section outlines the necessary steps to terminate a radioactive material program, including a close-out survey of facilities, disposition of radioactive material and notification of regulatory agencies. Relocation of facilities is also discussed.
Emergency Response
This session reviews the precautions and procedures to follow in the event a radioactive source or gauge is lost or damaged, or a contamination incident occurs. Also included are overexposure reporting requirements and mock emergency response scenarios.
This session includes Sources and Geology of NORM, Chemistry of NORM, Industrial Sectors with TENORM, Control and Management of NORM, NORM Regulations, and Radon.

February 19-21, 2024​
August 26-28, 2024 

Registration is OPEN.