Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. 
Health Physics & Radiation Safety Services 

Radioactive Decontamination and 
Decommissioning Services
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (SAHCI) has specialized in radioactive decontamination projects.

Some of our primary services include:

  • Emergency Response

  • Site Characterization - Define Scope of the Problem

  • Develop Decon Plan with Most Applicable and Cost Effective Technologies

  • Obtain Regulatory Agency Approval for Decon Plan

  • Assemble Workforce

  • Conduct Radiation and Site Specific Training

  • ​Implement Decon Plan

  • Monitor Radiation Safety of Workers Throughout Project

  • Analyze Samples (air, soil, water, surfaces, etc.)

  • Contain and Package Wastes, DOT Labeling and Manifests

  • Arrange Transport to Treatment, Interim Storage/Disposal Facilitiies

  • Perform Close-out Radiation Survey in Accordance with MARSSIM and NUREG/CR-5849

  • Coordinate Decontamination Activities with Regulatory Agencies Throughout Project and Submit Close-out Survey and Test Results
24-Hour Emergency Response Services to Radiation Accidents
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (SAHCI) can respond to radioactive gauge or other radiation incidents around the clock.  This immediate response allows management to handle the incident in a correct manner according to regulatory requirements.

Our site visit objectives are:

  • Secure the radioactive source and keep personnel exposures and the possible spread of contamination to a minimum.
  • Address any personnel exposure concerns and follow-up actions needed.
  • Meet with management and keep them informed of all actions.
  • Perform leak testing of gauges or tests of any areas that could have been contaminated, to determine radiation source integrity, or additional precautions which may be indicated.
  • Discuss procedures that will aid in future operations to avoid recurrence of incidents.

All of our actions and recommendations are detailed in a narrative report to management after the site visit.  Our specific license allows us to retrieve and prepare radioactive sources for return to the manufacturer or disposal, and and to take, possess and analyze samples.​
Close-out Radiation Survey Projects
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. (SAHCI).has extensive experience in close-out radiation survey projects.  Termination of radioactive materials licenses, or close-out of existing licensed facilities require that a close-out radiation survey be performed to ascertain that the areas are free of radioactive contamination and can be released for unrestricted use.

SAHCI prepares all documents for regulatory agencies (NRC and/or State Health Departments) requesting license termination or facility close-out, and handles any follow-up meetings or correspondence necessary for license termination or relocation actions.  
SAHCI has performed many Site Characterization and Risk Analysis Studies on a variety of contaminated sites.  We prepare detailed reports of the various contaminants and the risks associated with them.  
Site Characterization and Risk Analysis