Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc. 
Health Physics & Radiation Safety Services 

This program includes the following:

  • Physical inventory, serial identification and gauge condition inspection
  • Warning sign and manufacturers' labels inspection
  • Radiation survey at the surface, 12 inches and in the work area of the gauges
  • Shutter checks on all gauges
  • Leak testing of radioactive gauges, analysis and certificates
  • Certified calbiration of survey meters (G.M. and microR meters) as needed
  • ​Emergency response
  • Worker training and continuing education
Nuclear Gauge Inventory and Compliance Services
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc., offers a quarterly or semi-annual inventory and inspection program of nuclear and X-ray devices at industrial facilities.  

In addition, a radiation safety record review and license audit will be performed periodically to ensure regulatory compliance is being maintained.  

The following items will be reviewed:
  • Any NRC and State Health Department licenses and application; 
  • Source inventory records; 
  • Leak test records;
  • Nuclear gauge receipt, installation and removal documents
  • Employee radiation safety training records
  • Personnel exposure monitoring records
Visits can be scheduled quarterly or semi-annually.  Our findings will be summarized in a narrative report to the personnel you designate.

We offer emergency response to radiation incidents 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can usually response within three hours.

Each quarterly or semi-annual visit can include a radiation safety session for your personnel and will be tailored to your facility and use of materials.

SAHCI maintains back-up copies of all leak test and calibration records, should replacement ever be necessary to complete your file.  
Nuclear Gauge Removal, Relocation, Installation
Disposal & Shipping Consulting
Gauge Packaging and Shipping
Stan A. Huber Consultants, Inc., has extensive experience in removal and installation of gauges. We will oversee and handle your gauge project and:

  • Oversee any removal of gauges for later re-installation
  • Verify that all documents are in place, such as leak test certificates, licenses, SSDR's (Sealed Source Device Registry) and gauge manuals
  • Research and coordinate the most cost-effective disposal method
  • Determine shipping costs and coordinate the project with transportation company
  • Prepare the gauges for shipment
  • Prepare all required markings, labeling and shipping papers required by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Prepare a summary report to you.  
  • Provide a Disposition of Material Report from the disposal company once the transfer has been concluded
  • Assist in any licensing actions that may be required.